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Worried about someone will steal your EA? or sharing your indicator on the Internet?
Need others to stop re-branding/re-selling your product?
Searching for an effective way to prevent your MQL projects from being stolen?


Here is the solution to sell your EA/Indicator without any piracy concerns.

In this system, we protect your MT4/ MT5 indicator, Expert Advisor, or Script from unauthorized use by implementing a cloud-based licensing system using the latest AES encryption techniques.


In this package, you will get:

  • Your copy of the licensing control panel (We upload all the files to your webserver/VPS).
  • The software tool for integrating/linking the licensing system to your EAs, indicators, or scripts with a few clicks.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Documentation.


By using our system, you will be able to:

  • Secure an unlimited number of EAs, indicators, and scripts.
  • Create and manage unlimited license keys for your secured EAs, indicators, and scripts.
  • Make evaluation or trial versions of your EAs, indicators, and scripts.
  • Instantly suspend license keys in case of refund.
  • Lock your EA/indicator to a specific computer(s), specific account(s), specific currency pair(s) or specific time frame(s).
  • Create floating license keys.
  • Set a minimum account balance for your trading system.
  • Disable demo/live trading/Back-testing. etc.


To test our online system please go to,


How to start.

  1. Purchase the licensing system.
  2. Purchase a Linux or Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) to host the control panel (We recommend you choose Amazon LightSail VPS that runs Ubuntu 20.04 because of high availability). Our support team will guide you to do this through TeamViewer considering your requirements.
  3. We configure your licensing control panel and do small modifications to match your brand name (will take around 48 hours).
  4. We provide software tools and train you on how to integrate/ link your EAs, indicators, scripts to the system with a few clicks.


Please visit Pipsopedia Help Center for more information. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

See Also,


(The version that we provide as default is MT4. Kindly let us know if you require the MT5 version. Please note that both versions will incur an additional charge of $100)

Please select the version you prefer,



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Of course, we can set up the license system on it without affecting your current work. However, we recommend you use a VPS with high availability and good performance to function the system properly.
The Online Licensing System with API consists of an application programming interface that can be used to connect it with your website. For example, if you wish to email a license key to your customer when he purchased a package on your current website you can use the API to make it happen (To do this kind of work it's required to do an additional development from your website side.) The Online Licensing System without API version consists of all of the features shown in the demonstration and advertisements. So, if you are not planning to do any additional integration we suggest you choose the Online Licensing System without API. Also, it's possible to add the API later to the non API version.
Of course, it's possible. When you are adding your trading system into the dashboard as a product, set the "Product Type" to Package. After that, you need to integrate the licensing code block to all of your EAs or indicators using the software.
In Pipsopedia Online License System, you can generate license keys by limiting the number of active MT4/MT5 accounts without restricting them to specific account numbers. So you don't need to ask for MT4/MT5 account numbers from the customers. When the customer adds your EA/ indicator to a new account if he exceeds the number of allowed account limits, the EA/ indicator will be exited from the chart.
No. You need to have the source files (.mq4/.mq5 file) of your EA/Indicator to integrate the licensing system.
AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) with a 256-bit key is the most advanced cryptographic algorithm to date and not has been broken yet. And it will cost decades or billion-dollar supercomputers.

$499.00 – $599.00

Live preview
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Last Update: March 7, 2023
Released: November 8, 2020
Version: 2.5
Documentation: Yes